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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Police took a knee in solidarity with protesters; But the other knee is still on our necks

The Police department In South Florida is showing things can be different. While a protest for tragic the killing of George Floyd was going...

White Woman Purposely Drives Her Car Through Protesters in Denver.

In the course of a protest in Denver, Colorado, held to express displeasure against police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota following the killing of George...

Minneapolis protest has sparked outrage in New York, Denver And Detroit over The Injustice Of George Floyd's Death

Minneapolis protest over the death of George Floyd has now become a national outrage. With similar violent protests being replicated in cities like New...

Violence erupts as Protesters clash with Minneapolis police over the death of Unarmed Black man

George Floyd's death has sparked chaos between police and the black community as protesters took to the streets to demand action after the death...

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