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Police took a knee in solidarity with protesters; But the other knee is still on our necks

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The Police department In South Florida is showing things can be different. While a protest for tragic the killing of George Floyd was going on, the police took a knee to show solidarity with the protesters. Furthermore, they joined in on the prayers!

Police took a knee

With the United States in a state of civil unrest, South Florida is doing it differently – A peaceful protest organized in Coral Gables in conjunction with the Miami-Dade Chiefs of Police Association. Still emphasizing the reason for the protest, people still held up signs and placards that read “Black Lives Matter” and “Stop Police Brutality” during this peaceful but effective protest. Police officers from different departments and different races attended the protest. However, what was most surprising to demonstrators and onlookers was when the police took a knee in solidarity with the protesters. Then a prayer was said for George Floyd and his family and they didn’t hesitate to join in the prayers as well.

The Chiefs of Miami-Dade County and organizers of the protest are committed to continuing discussions this week via a Zoom call. The goal of the call is to listen to the community’s concerns, a spokesperson for the corrections department said.

Watch the video here.

Nevertheless, they are reports and speculations; especially on social media, that all these could be a hoax. These reports on Twitter show people accusing the police department of maltreatment; even after allegedly kneeling in solidarity. Some others think the police is mocking the protesters; by demonstrating the position in which George Floyd was killed.


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