White Woman Purposely Drives Her Car Through Protesters in Denver.

In the course of a protest in Denver, Colorado, held to express displeasure against police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer, a 37year old Jennifer Watson drove her car, a 2014 Ford Edge, through a crowd of protesters blocking Broadway and ran over a young protester. 


In a video, Jennifer is seen purposefully hitting a protester with her car, driving with him on the hood of her car, and then intentionally making an immediate u-turn in a second attempt to deliberately run him over after he was able to get off of her car the first time she hit him. Protesters at the event were able to capture Jennifer’s actions on camera. 

Through her social media account, Jennifer Watson is believed to be the owner of JP Watson Interiors. 

Despite this video showing her obvious attempt to run a protester over, she was able to drive away from the scene immediately, with no apparent repercussions or consequences for her horrific actions. After the incident, Watson was identified by her license plate, and researchers quickly found her business via public corporate records, and her social media.

On her Facebook page, Jennifer Watson shared selfies of craft cocktails, reviews of sushi restaurants and taco bistros, and check-ins at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel and Morimoto restaurant (average dinner cost $100-115).

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