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Minneapolis protest has sparked outrage in New York, Denver And Detroit over The Injustice Of George Floyd's Death

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Minneapolis protest over the death of George Floyd has now become a national outrage. With similar violent protests being replicated in cities like New York, Detriot, and Denver, you can see what we say so.

Minneapolis protest

The black community is apparently tired of the ill-treatment it has faced in the hands of the police. The Minneapolis protest started after a video circulated of a police officer kneeling on a man’s neck to the point of death. Thousands have taken to the streets in the city to demand accountability for the officers. The intended peaceful protests turned violent on Wednesday, with several stores, houses, and properties set on fire.

The Minneapolis protest appears to have sparked the rest of America. Protests and riots have broken out in different places with the same message – “Black lives matter.” In New York, at least 70 people were arrested during the protest; as it turned violent. The protesters made their way down to the steps of City Hall and then headed to the World Trade Center site. Videos on social media show cops taking people down to the ground and using batons. “I came out here tonight because I’m a black person and I’m tired of seeing black people die”; a 20-year-old student at the protest.

In Detroit, police Chief James Craig confirmed a man was shot near a large gathering of protesters at Cadillac Square. The peaceful daytime protests in the city gave way to violence on Friday night. Demonstrators displayed anger over police brutality in America, clashing with city police who fought back using more violence and tear gas. A Detroit News reporter was doing a Facebook Live video of the protest when the shooting happened. In the video, shots can be heard, prompting people to run from the area. Some protesters called out for the police to provide aid. Watch the video below (Warning: Graphic language and content.)

James Craig confirmed officers made more than 40 arrests that night in Detriot.

Martin Luther King said; “Riot is the language of the unheard”. We hope now “they” start listening!

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