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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Justice for George Floyd

Louisville police chief fired after police officers body cam was turned off in shooting

Louisville, like many cities in the United States this last week, was the site of multiple protests against police brutality.  Louisville was marching for both...

BlackOut Tuesday: Celebrities are Showing Solidarity against racial injustice

Today is blackout Tuesday. A day where people of all races (especially celebrities), come together to show support to the black community. In the...

Police took a knee in solidarity with protesters; But the other knee is still on our necks

The Police department In South Florida is showing things can be different. While a protest for tragic the killing of George Floyd was going...

black lives matter: London Marches against violence on the black community

"Black lives matter"; this is what the world is trying to tell racist and racist apologists. About a week now, the world has watched...

George Floyd & Ahmaud Arbery Family Lawyers are demanding action, justice and change

George Floyd & Ahmaud Arbery Family Lawyers; Benjamin Crump and Lee Merritt respectively, are speaking and answering questions about the tragic killings of their...

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