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Monday, September 25, 2023

While AI-generated Track Featuring ‘Drake’ And ‘The Weeknd’ Goes Viral, Music Artist Khalid Wants No Part Of It.

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According to BBC, a creator called “Ghostwriter” recently utilized AI software in order to create a hit that went viral on social media. The track, “Heart On My Sleeve,” featured the AI-generated voices of mega artists Drake and The Weeknd. Naturally, the song blew up.

It had Universal sidestepping alongside the massive hit to strip it from streaming services, citing legal terms like copyright infringement. The industry responded by taking the songs down, but a critical debate has now emerged. 

TMZ caught up with music artist Khalid in an impromptu interview to get his response. One where he drew a very firm line in the sand against it. Watch below to hear his thoughts.

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