twitter users slam white pregnant woman for calling cops on black woman

A middle aged woman who has been identified as Svitlana Flom, was caught on video repeatedly calling the police on a black woman seemingly minding her business while sitting on a bench in a public space at New York City park, the city’s Upper West Side.

According to the black woman who recorded the incident and uploaded it on her Instagram page, said Flom was making multiple calls to the police and faking distress while telling vague stories about being attacked.

This is barely a week Amy Cooper went viral after she called the police on a black man, claiming he was threatening her life while video footage showed she was in no danger. Cooper lost her job and her dog following the incident, which has served as a cautionary tale to white women everywhere, teaching them, once and for all, that it is not OKAY to use the police as your personal black people exterminator.

Despite the ongoing protest against racism in the country, Flom was still displaying hate on another black woman and practically doing the same thing ‘playing the white card’ Amy Cooper did to a black.

Twitter users took it upon themselves to drag her on full blast.


When will white learn to live together as one or possibly learn the value of walking away? It will make life so easier, even at this digital age of social media which has given blacks a way to fight back.

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