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Tameka Williamson: Amazing College Coach Helped Students Earn Over $40M in Scholarships

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Tameka Williamson is the founder of College for Free – an award-winning Atlanta-based organization. An organization committed to helping students avoid loan debt crisis and attend college for free. This organization has helped students earn more than $40 million in scholarships.

Tameka Williamson, in addition, is also a 3-time bestselling author, who hosts workshops that have touched over 5,000 families across the U.S. For the past six years, her organization has served as the resident College Admissions Coach for notable organizations in Atlanta. These include; Urban League Atlanta and Atlanta CARES.

Tameka Williamson

Her signature coaching program privately coaches families throughout the U.S. and abroad on how to gain entry into top-tier institutions. Institutions like; John Hopkins, Howard, UCLA, UPenn, and many more. For the past six years, they have accumulated well over $40 Million in scholarships.

This year’s “College for Free” Class of 2020 Scholars overcame the challenges of COVID-19, and rose to the occasion. Tameka Williamson and her team amassed over $9.5 million in scholarships, with the top earner being an Atlanta resident earning over $2 million alone. This was their largest scholarship earning year, celebrating College for Free successfully acquiring their registered trademark.

Tameka Williamson

Tameka Williamson; another name in the bag for Black excellence. Wouldn’t you agree?

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