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Monday, September 25, 2023
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RACISM: How African Americans are treated under the law.

Following the recent protests and violence that has erupted in cities across the country over the death of African American, George Floyd after he...

Graphic Video. George Floyd – Killed on tape by Minneapolis Officer

A video taken by an onlooker Monday evening shows a man identified as George Floyd, being brutalized by the police. The video shows a Minneapolis police...

"He's going to a better place": Florida mom who killed her Autistic Son

A Florida mother, Patricia Ripley allegedly murdered her son and lied to police. While she killed her son living with autism, she lied he...

FBI Begins Investigation Into the murder of Breonna Taylor by Police

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI has opened an investigation into the case of a 26year-old Breonna Taylor who was shot dead by the...

Man Who Recorded The Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery Has Been Arrested, Charged With Felony Murder

William “Roddie” Bryan Jnr, 50, whose cellphone had the video footage of the brutal killing of Ahmaud Arbery has been arrested and charged by...

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