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Memphis Grizzlies Suspend Ja Morant For Viral Instagram Post

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On Saturday, Memphis Grizzlies basketball star, Ja Morant, went live on Instagram, but what is making headlines is not the post itself, but what he was holding. According to TMZ, Morant was riding in a car with a friend, when he went live on Instagram. The camera seems to show Morant holding a gun for a moment, before the camera pans away. The video was recorded by fans and immediately posted on social media platforms, causing it to go viral.

The question that has been posed is whether or not the alleged gun belongs to Morant. This requires a review from the NBA, and while that investigation is underway, Morant will be suspended from all games and activities until further notice. He was previously associated with an incident just in March, where he was allegedly holding a gun on Instagram Live, while at a night club. Later, it was revealed that the gun did not belong to him, but the NBA did suspend Morant for eight games. He was also withheld payment for the games he sat out, and required to enroll in a Florida counseling program before he could return to the team. The investigation that the NBA and police conducted (separately) both resulted in the same conclusion that the gun did not belong to Morant.

With this being Morant’s second incident in only a few months, previous supporters of Morant have started to reanalyze their support. One of those individuals is former NBA star Stephen Jackson, who talked about the incident on I Am Athlete’s Paper Route.

Watch the interview below or on Twitter.

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