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Lawyers for Ahmaud Arbery's Family Still Want Answers About Cryptic Note

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Ahmaud Arbery’s family’s lawyers aren’t giving up on solving the mystery of who left the note at the memorial site so easily. If you remember, a mysterious note was left at the scene of the makeshift memorial set up in memory of Ahmaud Arbery. The family has discovered some evidence or new information that they feel ties the author of the note to the case.

Lee Merritt, the attorney for the family says they received what they belive was a credible tip as to the identity of the writer of the note and the believe the author is someone who shares ties to Travis and Gregory McMichael and/or William “Roddie” Bryan.

The GBI already put a note out yesterday saying that they had identified the author of the note and it wasn’t someone connected to the case but rather an individual who was just expressing remorse. Lets see what that does for your common sense.

See the note again below.

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