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High School Senior Awarded $10 Million In Scholarships And Accepted To 125 Colleges Chooses His Future Alma Mater

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Dennis Barnes, the high school senior who was awarded over $9 million dollars in scholarships and received 125 college acceptances last month, has reached his goal. He hoped to hit $10 million dollars in scholarship awards and he has achieved that sum and more. In addition, his college acceptances went up to 185 from 125, according to CNN. This young man continues to gain national attention for his countless accolades, and now he is making news once again.

Barnes has reached a decision on where he will attend school in the fall. To deliver the news, a press conference was held at International High School of New Orleans, where he attends. He announced, “I have committed to attend Cornell University and intend to pursue computer science and to later move on to practice software development.”

After his announcement, Barnes had numerous interviews with not only local news stations but also national networks that include CNN, Fox News and Good Morning America. To watch his interview with GMA, please tune in below.

To watch the entire press conference, please see below.

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