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Gov Cuomo Extends New York Lock Down Until June 13th.

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Good luck if you depend on going outside to pay your bills.

On Thursday, gov cuomo announced a prolongation of New York’s lock down order until june 13th. After getting facts from researchers, cuomo decided it be best to lift the lock down of a few places due to them having met the public health and safety standards. 

But only a few regions will be opened, still a number of places have not met the metrics. He also added that the lockdown be in place till certain places meet the public health and safety standards till they will be seen as suitable for reopening.

Once again the city has been undisturbed from its long slumber, that could be seen as a very good thing to most, due to New York having the highest amount of coronavirus cases and high death rates, highest amount of infected being 150,000 and deaths being 11,000. Stated that 25% of New Yorkers are already infected. It is slowly reducing but certain standards are still not met in certain areas .Greenburg also stated:”Last month, fewer than one-third of new Yorkers knew someone who had tested positive for coronavirus. Today, 51 percent personally know someone who has been infected with Covid-19”.

The statewide lockdown should have been withdrawn on May 15th completely but that still might not be possible in most regions. The few places that are suitable for reopening would be allowed to immediately. The cases have been decreasing compared to a few weeks ago, 337 new deaths across New York State which is stated as the fewest since March 30.  Will the city keep hibernating for even more months to come if the virus isn’t contained, or will there be a careful procedure and precaution that every civilian must embark on to enable safety in their daily lives?

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