Georgia’s most influential black women make Joe Biden’s list of potential running mates

Stacey Abrams and Keisha Lance Bottoms have spent years building and climbing parallel ladders at Atlanta City Hall and the Georgia Capitol. 

Keisha, 50, is a politician, a lawyer and the current Mayor of Atlanta and Stacey is a 46-year old voting rights activist who nearly became the first black female governor in American history. They are neither public rivals nor personal friends But they occupy the same political intersection on Joe Biden’s list of potential running mates.

Stacey Abrams speaking at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

While the possibility of being up for the same job could stoke conflict, the two lawyers-turned politicians have reeled out their achievements and national profiles as a boost for black women. Stacey, having embraced the possibility of the vice presidency has already acknowledged her own presidential aspirations and openly touted how she would assist Joe Biden win the election and govern. Keisha on the other hand while not sidestepping the talk, plays more traditional and grassroot role of loyal party lieutenant. 

At different occasions, Stacey has acknowledged Keisha as an “extraordinary” mayor and called herself “proud to be an Atlanta citizen under her leadership,” while the mayor praised Stacey’s “authentic leadership” especially on behalf of underrepresented voters.

Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms speaking at the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis on Capitol Hill in Washington.

“I can’t say we’re close personal friends,” Keisha said, adding that she sees their roles as outgrowths of the civil rights history that surrounds them in Martin Luther King Jr.’s hometown. “Atlanta has always been a special place where people of color are able to break traditional molds and change the landscape of who we are as a country.”

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