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GEORGE FLOYD: Protesters destroy CNN Windows in Atlanta

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On Friday night, hundreds of protesters were confronting police outside CNN’s downtown headquarters to demand actions on the death of George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer, Derek Chauvin early this week.

Activists were seen spray-painting the large CNN logo outside the building, breaking windows and tagging doors. One protester climbed on top of the CNN sign and waved a “Black Lives Matter” flag to cheers from the crowd, others set the police car on fire and used barricades to break the windows of cruisers and shatter windshields to demonstrate against the illegal death of the middle aged man. Police ordered demonstrators to leave the street and threatened to arrest them if they did not leave quickly.

Protesters used accelerants to burn an American flag. People were watching the scene from rooftops, some laughing at skirmishes that broke out and vandalism by the protesters.

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