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George Floyd: 8 Amazing Murals From Around the World

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The tragic death of George Floyd has instigated a movement to end racism and police brutality. Although we cant argue that the demonstration has been ugly most times, it produced some incredibly powerful and beautiful works of art.

From cities and states in the U.S. like Minneapolis (where George Floyd was killed) to Manchester, England, and Berlin; all the way in Syria and Kenya, murals are popping up to honor him and contribute to the much-needed change.

The words “I can’t breathe” – George Floyd’s last words, can be seen on display in a lot of these murals. Some murals also take time out to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The names of other members of the black community who have suffered the same fate as George Floyd and never got justice were included in some murals.

Here are some of our favourites;


George Floyd Mural


George Floyd Mural in Kenya

Manchester, UK

Los Angeles

Houston, Texas


George Floyd Mural in syria


George Floyd mural


Berlin, Germany

Manchester, UK

Which one is your favourite?

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