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Entrepreneurs Unveil real estate Online Platform for African Americans In Investment

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Real estate entrepreneurs, Lena Claybon and Kayela Ceron are set to create a path to financial independence for more African Americans via their new website, RockTheRealEstate.com, to  help new investors get started in real estate investing. 

According to Lena Claybon, a co-founder, who is a house flipper, wholesaler and landlord, is optimistic about the venture but remains grounded in reality, said “Real estate investing isn’t for everyone, it takes dedication and a willingness to learn and put in the work. Also, we’re not telling people not to go back to work or to quit their jobs and do real estate full time, there are some who just want to supplement their income and there are others who want to eventually replace their income so that they have the choice to work or not. Whatever your interest is, we want to be a catalyst for making it happen.”

“Rock The Real Estate was born out of our frustration with seeing so many people in our community suffering financially and not feeling they have any options other than a 9-5 job,” says Lena Claybon. “Right now, with so many unemployed because of COVID19, that leaves them feeling they have NO options.” Claybon goes on to say, “What we hope to do with this platform is give people options.”

The Houston based company is starting with a free weekly email newsletter to subscribers who will sign up and eventually turn the venture into a full fledged media/events company. They plan to offer books, podcasts, and webinars, but in addition to the media-related ventures, they also plan to sponsor Meetups and networking events. Claybon stated, “We don’t want to be just another newsletter or just another podcast. Our goal is to provide our subscribers with solid, actionable information on getting started, that they can go put into practice immediately, and, also, provide them with opportunities for networking and partnerships that will allow them to succeed in today’s real estate market.”

About the Founders: The duo share everything in common as Realtors, the passion and skills in building a real estate brand that will stand the test of time.

Lena Claybon, Co-Founder and CEO, is a former television writer/producer turned real estate wholesaler/landlord. In 2014, after moving from Los Angeles back to her hometown in Louisiana, she discovered a passion for real estate. She started out wholesaling single family residential properties then mobile home parks. In 2018, she began flipping houses. This led to her also becoming a landlord. In 2020, she decided to combine her two passions, writing and real estate and created the Rock The Real Estate Newsletter to help others. Her future plans are to continue flipping, building her rental portfolio and building the Rock The Real Estate brand.

Kayela Ceron, Co-Founder/Head of Marketing & Distribution, started real estate out of the desire and zeal to leave the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to leave to her children. In 2014, she started wholesaling with a mentor and continued her education in real estate by obtaining her real estate license in 2016. As a Realtor, she lists and sells single family homes in the Houston area. Because of her passion to help others succeed, in 2020 she joined forces with Lena Claybon to help build an educational platform to help others pursue their desire to invest in real estate.

Lena Claybon
(323) 289-6068

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