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Capturing Denzel Washington Helping A Homeless Man in Distress is Why We Always Root For Him

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Denzel Washington isn’t only a “good guy” in the movies; he did a good deed for someone. In real life this time – he helped a homeless man who was clearly in distress.

Denzel was driving in WeHo at around 1 PM when he saw the man in the street. The man looked like he was in some sort of trouble or discomfort.

He then proceeded to get out of his car, talk to the man, and bring him to safety on the sidewalk. Cautious of the ongoing pandemic, Denzel Washington was wearing a protective mask. However, the man he was helping was not. Ignoring the risk involved, he knew the man needed help and he was the man for the job.

The Police arrived and as they talked to the man, Denzel continued to comfort him. Shortly after, the man was detained. We are not exactly sure why; possibly a routine check to make sure he was okay. However, he was released shortly after. Watch the video here.

Judging from the video, you could say the man didn’t know who Denzel was. We do! A real nice guy.

As expected, social media went wild over this viral video of Denzel Washington. There are a lot of views and opinions about this on social media. Most of which are praises to Denzel and others, pointing out how things could be different if he wasn’t there. Here are a few of them;

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