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Anonymous Hackers Threaten To Expose Minneapolis Police

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A decentralized hacktivist group known as Anonymous has returned after three years of silence following the protests in Minneapolis for the murder of George Floyd in the hands of now former police officer, Derek Chauvin on May 25th. 


In an entirely unsurprising move, the hactivist group Anonymous has surfaced to add its voice to the ongoing protest against the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of the death of George Floyd on May 25. As the widespread civil unrest escalated, the loosely affiliated hackers released a video, threatening Minneapolis Police Department that it will “expose your many crimes to the world.”

According to the Anonymous video, posted on twitter affiliated with the group, and now viewed almost 2 million times, is a montage of news footage and a masked narrator, complete with trademark electronic voice. The narration accuses MPD of having “a horrific track record of violence and corruption,” claiming that the killing of George Floyd was “merely the tip of the iceberg.” The video goes on to claim the hackers are acting after “numerous” MPD killings in recent years.


“Sadly, in the vast majority of police killings, the only one left alive to tell the story is the officer who took the person’s life,” the Anonymous narrator says. “This travesty has gone on for far too long... and now the people have had enough.” "Unfortunately, we do not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice, so we will be exposing your many crimes to the world. We are Legion. Expect us," it concluded by saying.

Anonymous has practically ceded the media spotlight to other activist groups in recent years spates of arrests and the rise of other causes have seen to that. Today, the group is an even looser affiliation of hackers than it was before, organized to make it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to track down networks of individuals.

This travesty has gone on for far too long and the people deserve to know the truth, Will the anonymous stick to the people's will or be compromised? These are one of the many questions on the lips of everyone hoping to get the full details of what is really going on at MPD.

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