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Sunday, October 1, 2023

A sign of how old you are. keenan from kenan and kel is now 42 Years Old

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Today Kenan Thompson celebrates his 42nd birthday. Depending on your age as you read this it can almost serve as a reminder that your age is catching up to you. That’s right… Kenan of Goodburger fame is well into his 40s. That means for anyone born from 1980 to 1988 that was watching Kenan and Kel on television as a child is supposed to be grown and doing grown things. Hopefully a couple of kids and a house..etc. If you don’t have those things,,… remember Kenan is now 42 and you should probably get on it.

Kenan is starting to experience a very healthy career in showbiz. Several appearances in shows and movies led to him being African American mainstay on SNL and he has been doing quite an amazing job at that.

Happy Birthday Kenan from Afrotrends. FYI, Kel isn’t far behind him at the age of 41

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