3 some Chocolate: Black Chocolatier Tired of Being Fired Created His Own Chocolate Company

3 some Chocolate: Black Chocolatier Tired of Being Fired Created His Own Chocolate Company

3 Some Chocolate founder, Black chocolatier identified as Patrick Glanville wasn’t going to let racial profiling hinder him. He moved passed that and launched his own chocolate company.

Getting fired from a job can be stressful and discouraging. It’s worse when you are a Black man dealing with systematic racism. While some people give up, some others see this as an opportunity to create an even better life for themselves and their families. How? By commencing their own business – that’s exactly what Patrick Glanville did when he started his own chocolate company.


Tired of getting laid off without concrete reason, and being underpaid, although having years of work experience, motivated him to use his craft to create a new and unique chocolate experience. 3 Some Chocolates – He calls it, is a chocolate brand that combines 3 flavors into 1. Sold in a pack of 3, its called 3 Some because it can be shared with everyone.

3 Some Chocolate

Launched in 2017, the company was founded by Patrick Glanville and his partner Kristin Parker-Glanville. Furthermore, this company has been raising the bar in the industry by introducing new and enticing flavors never seen before by chocolate lovers. A huge success, they’ve sold and shipped their products from the United States to the world. The idea behind the cholates came from the Black chocolatier – President and CEO of 3 Some Chocolates. He wanted to utilize his skills as a culinary professional.

3 Some chocolate

A certified chocolatier at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Lebbeke, Belgium, he began working on his craft at the age of 10. Born and raised in Southside Jamaica, Queens, It was his grandmother who first taught him how to cook and temper chocolate; as well as create many other goodies. According to the black chocolatier, one of her favorite treats was her secret family recipe – “Jerk Chocolates”. Which she eventually passed down to Patrick Glanville.

Kristin Parker, his business partner, wife, and CFO of 3 Some Chocolates was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. With a background in business administration, finance, and operations she helped build and protect the brand to reach its true potential. This husband and wife duo have combined their talents and set up their company to be a disruptor in the chocolate industry. 3 Some Chocolates has recorded over 400,000 units sold, earned a plethora of five-star ratings, and has accumulated a customer base of over 85,000 customers and counting. 3 Some Chocolates is a unique company that only sells its trademarked products on their platforms.

The next step for the couple is to build globally renowned, premium chocolate shopping centers, which will soon be based in major cities across the country.

Understanding the importance of building an online presence, when 3 Some Chocolates started, this millennial couple took advantage of that. Their social media site is plastered with images of satisfied chocolate lovers and customers, who loved the product so much, they would often take photos holding the chocolate box.


In a bid to expand their offerings, the couple has launched a CrowdFunding campaign. Which currently already has many investors looking forward to becoming a part of their chocolate franchise. The Equity Raise, on WeFunder, 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine Inc. will be the parent company where they will manufacture and distribute all products. It would also serve as the physical franchise flagship locations, scaling from their online store to a brick and mortar. Want to become an investor, visit www.wefunder.com/3.some.chocolates. Be sure to try out their chocolate offerings.

Loving all the Black excellence going on amidst the state of the world today. Don’t you?

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