Yara Shahidi To Play Tinker Bell in ‘Peter Pan’ Remake

Yara Shahidi To Play Tinker Bell in ‘Peter Pan’ Remake

Yara Shahidi will make history as the first person of color to play the Tinker Bell character in Disney’s famous “Peter Pan” fairytale.

Yara Shahidi took to Instagram this weekend to confirm that she will play Tinkerbell in the upcoming live-action remake of Peter Pan and Wendy. The 20-year-old actress joins a cast that features Jude Law as Captain Hook, with Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Ever Anderson as Wendy. “Lettssssgooooo,” she wrote on Instagram, using the hashtag #Tinkerbell.

Yara is best known for her starring role on ABC’s Black-ish, as well as being a star and producer of Freeform’s Grown-ish.  She’ll play the fairy character Tinker Bell in the live-action movie “Peter Pan and Wendy,” a remake of the original animated movie from 1953, according to a report

Peter Pan – Tinkerbell

This marks the first time a black woman has played the role that traditionally has featured a white actress. Shahidi’s role as Tinker Bell will mark the first time a person of color has played the fairy in any official production of “Peter Pan” — which has been turned into a live-action TV special and a Broadway musical. The movie follows in the footsteps of The Little Mermaid, of which Disney cast Halle Bailey to play Ariel in.

Disney’s 1953 animated classic is still the most successful adaptation of the J.M. Barrie novel about Peter Pan, the boy from Neverland who doesn’t grow up. There have been a number of spin-off movies, including Steven Spielberg’s Hook starring Robin Williams and Joe Wright’s Pan, both of which disappointed at the box office.

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