White Man Pulls Gun on Black Teenager in a restaurant in Philadephia

White Man Pulls Gun on Black Teenager in a restaurant in Philadephia

A white man in a restaurant in Philadephia was caught on camera pulling a gun on a teenager. The reason for this action in a public place is still unknown. However, eye witnesses say they were involved in an argument before the incident occurred.

Watch the video posted by a twitter user.


The White man claims he pulled his gun on a man during a heated confrontation because he thought the guy was reaching for a gun, but apparently, it was just a bike lock.

White man

According to the Police department, an investigation is ongoing; and have called for eyes witnesses to come forward.

White man

This is not the first time a White man is pulling a gun on a member of the Black community; for no concrete or apparent reason – especially in recent times. Is this a new trend; as a result of all, the “Black Lives Matter” campaign going on right now? What are your thoughts?

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  • Bonita M Sampson

    They would say every time, be it a citizen or police, “I feared for my life or I thought he/she was going for a gun/or had a gun in his/her hand”.

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