VIDEO: Meet America’s First African American Female Combat Pilot

VIDEO: Meet America’s First African American Female Combat Pilot

An Author, Inspirational Leadership Speaker, U.S Marine, and America’s first African American female combat pilot; Vernice Armour is truly an American icon, soaring through life and through all the obstacles in her way.

Her story inspires young women of color all around the country, telling them that they truly can be anything they set their mind to.

In a 6 minutes video, She shared her story and also talked about her new book ‘Zero to Breakthrough‘ and how she hope it helps others get out of their rut, and onto the runway.

She also shared Five tips to stay on the right course.

If you are feeling down or stuck, Armour first suggests creating your “flight plan” … in other words, think about where you want to be.

Next, conduct a “pre-flight check” – make a list of pros and cons and create a plan to mitigate the risks.

Armour adds that it’s normal to feel unsure about your plan, but commit to it and go full-throttle.

In the end, the inspirational Armour added that it’s key to evaluate your plan, acknowledge where there is room for improvement.

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