Veteran Firefighter Found Dead After The Rescue of 3 Young Girls in Detroit

Veteran Firefighter Found Dead After The Rescue of 3 Young Girls in Detroit

Sgt. Sivad Johnson, a Detroit Veteran firefighter, is a hero after the rescue of three young girls. Unfortunately, he was unable to escape and was found dead in the river the next day.

About Sivad Johnson

Johnson, 48, a Detroit native, had been with the fire department for more than two decades. He was married with two children. He’s also a second-generation firefighter with the Detroit Fire Department. Sivad is a Sergeant who has enjoyed 26 years and counting, with the city now. In 2017, Johnson was awarded the Detroit Fire Department Medal of Valor, Fornell told the Detroit News.

 He was an artist, who’s been drawing since four-years-old, and has had the privilege of seeing his works at local businesses, in children’s books, newsprint, television, and even the fashion runway. A self-proclaimed “student of life” he was on a journey of discovery, growth, influence, and enriching experiences.


This veteran Detroit firefighter who was off duty and with his 10-year-old daughter, jumped into the Detroit River near Belle Isle on Friday after three girls signaled they were having trouble swimming, according to Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell. Once everyone was out of the water, Johnson’s daughter realized her father was not among the crowd and called police to let them know he was still in the water, Fornell said.

It is believed that Johnson may have been dragged underwater by a rip current, according to NBC affiliate WDIV in Detroit. Police and fire officials searched for his body until 3 a.m. ET Saturday and later resumed the search using sonar equipment, Fornell said. Johnson’s body was recovered Saturday afternoon; state police said they will not be providing further updates.

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