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Man Who Recorded The Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery Has Been Arrested, Charged With Felony Murder

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William “Roddie” Bryan Jnr, 50, whose cellphone had the video footage of the brutal killing of Ahmaud Arbery has been arrested and charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, making him the third person arrested more than two months after the murder. 

In a statement released by Georgia Bureau Investigation “Bryan and his video were under investigation, and he was initially named in the police report for allegedly trying to block Ahmaud while he was jogging. Bryan denied any involvement in the interaction between Ahmaud and the McMichael’s“, GBI said.


According to Bryan’s video, the shooting was taken from the driver’s seat of a vehicle following Arbery as he runs along a residential street. A pickup truck was parked in the road ahead of Arbery, with one man in the truck’s bed and another standing beside the open driver’s side door.

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