Toronto cop charged 4 years after beating Dafonte Miller till he lost an eye


Toronto cop charged 4 years after beating Dafonte Miller till he lost an eye

Toronto cop  has been found guilty in the brutal beating of a young Black man in 2016.

Toronto Cop

The Toronto Cop, identified as Michael Theriault was convicted of assault on Friday in the incident involving Dafonte Miller, which had left him with a blind eye. However, many people have come forward suggesting that he should have been charged for aggravated assault and obstruction of justice.

According to CBC, the officer’s brother, Christian Theriault got charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of justice. Reports also show that the court documents stated that both parties presented vastly different versions of what happened before the assault.

Toronto Cop
Theriault Brothers

Miller said during his testimony that he was walking down a street early in the morning with two friends when the two off-duty Toronto cops approached and demanded to know why he was there.

According to court reports, the Toronto cop chased him, eventually catching up with him and attacking him with a pipe.

James Silverthorn – an eyewitness, told the court that he heard Miller screaming and looked out his window to see the two men violently beating the teenager. “It was continuous. It was very hard”; Silverthorn said during his testimony. He also added that one of the men was using an object to hit Miller as he suffered on the ground.

Toronto Cop

In a news conference after the ruling, Mr. Miller said he did not feel the outcome was a loss. “A lot of my brothers and sisters are going through similar situations as me and a lot of my people are dying and a lot of officers are walking. So I don’t feel like I took a loss – I feel like we took a step forward”; he said.

Do you think justice has been served?

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