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Saturday, September 30, 2023

There's always a threat! Van Jones speaks For the Minority

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Although America’s now coping with a pandemic, the black community has been battling. Battling epidemics like; violence, poverty, and disease – long before coronavirus came along. Van Jones; The Reform Alliance CEO was on “TMZ Live” Friday to talk about his CNN special, “The Color of Covid”. Notwithstanding, he didn’t mince words when describing the challenges facing many minority communities.

“You’re worried about invisible bullets from the virus? We’ve been dodging real bullets the whole time.” Van says there’s always been an epidemic of death in neighborhoods of color. He said, that explains the recent massive crowds gathered for parties in Atlanta and Chicago.

As the nation reopens, Black and Latino communities will face different health risks. Hazards, due to underlying health problems that have gone unchecked for years. Van Jones says the federal government needs a better battle plan, one that offers better medical and economic incentives to people of color.

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