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Rick Ross Says He’s Running For Mayor, Demonstrating He Is Much More Than A Rapper Entrepreneur

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Rick Ross has made no secret of his ambitions to make money and improve himself, and the community. In fact, last year, he made headlines, when he announced plans to climb the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. When the subject was last discussed, while appearing on the Full Send Podcast, he said he plans to make the trek sometime before 2024. Based on the timeline, he should be gearing up for that trip shortly; but in the meantime, he is making news again, but now, for something in the political realm.

While planning an annual car show, Ross ran into some legal entanglements when his city permit was denied. The show, which brought in 6,000 people last year, was deemed to be an issue with city residents. Many were afraid that the event would cause traffic and other nuisances that would be detrimental to the city. Ross’s legal team was able to sort it out, but it created an opportunity for the rapper to consider a new career path, politics.

He floated the idea to create some progress and impact by running for mayor in the city that he resides, Fayetteville, GA. He first alluded to the consideration on social media.

Then, later, he confirmed his intentions, while interviewing with TMZ. He discussed his feelings around the progression of the city and the lack of forward-thinking progress within the city government. He mentioned names like Tyler Perry to illustrate the changing demographics of the region. In turn, the city’s governing officials needed a fresh perspective; and he believes that he is the person to bring that new line of thinking to the office. He shares his thoughts in the video below.
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