Mother And Son Graduate Together From Alabama State University.

Mother And Son Graduate Together From Alabama State University.

This mother and son duo is a classic case of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“. Both graduated from Alabama State University on the same weekend.

Mom – Lauren Salter, and her son, Courtney are both scheduled to graduate from ASU this weekend. Intrestingly, the Salter’s come from a legacy of ASU graduates in their family – Salter’s mom and aunt and Courtney’s father. 

I was born with a love for Alabama State University, not only because I had so many family members who attended here, but I was physically here on campus during my early formative years at all kinds of special events,” Courtney said. He continued; “Not to mention that I attended ASU’s Zelia Stephens Early Childhood Learning Center from kindergarten through my third-grade year.” 

Salter’s son’s graduation from high school in 2016 and his plans to attend ASU inspired her return to college.

A light bulb literally went off in my brain when my son entered school [at ASU], and I decided then and there to also enroll and graduate from ASU,” Salter said.

However, they both had no idea that they would be graduating simultaneously – much less walk across the stage in the same weekend. As a result of the pandemic, spring commencements were rescheduled with promises to allow students to walk in the fall. Now, Courtney, a member of the spring 2020 class, will graduate Today, Sunday, November 22nd, just two days after his mother Lauren, a member of the fall 2020 class, graduated on Friday, November 20th. For Salter, the date is extra special because it also happens to mark her 55th birthday.

I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible birthday gift than to graduate on the same weekend with my son Courtney from the greatest school ever, The Alabama State University,’ she said. “This is the second best thing to ever happen to me…the first one being having given birth to Courtney.”  

Salter is graduating with a degree in interdisciplinary studies, and her son Courtney will be graduating with a degree in finance. Congratulations!

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