Miami Gardens Cop Arrested, Charged Of Battering African American Pregnant Woman

Miami Gardens Cop Arrested, Charged Of Battering African American Pregnant Woman

A recently fired Miami Gardens police officer who was seen in a video holding his knee to a african american pregnant woman’s neck while tasing her multiple times in the stomach has been arrested and charged with battery and official misconduct.

The officer, Jordy Yanes Martel, was seen in a video footage dragging 33-year-old Safiya Satchell out of her vehicle before putting his knee against her neck and stunning her twice with a Taser, while Satchell screams. 

The incident happened early in the morning on Jan. 14 outside of a strip club called Tootsies Cabaret.


He was arrested and charged on two counts of official misconduct and four counts of battery by Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents.

Satchell, who was a few weeks pregnant at the time, would not have the child, but she did not lose it as a result of the tasing. 

Video has surfaced of the incident on January 14, showing how Satchell got into an argument with a club manager over food, after she allegedly threw money at a waitress.

The manager later went to Martel and another officer, asking that she be given a trespassing warning. As Satchell got into her vehicle, a Mercedes SUV and tried to leave, Martel approached her and told her she was “being trespassed.” He then asked Satchel for her ID before asking her to come to his police patrol car, she refused to get out because she wasn’t wearing any shoes which angered Martel, who then reached into the car before dragging her out and tasing her.

A passenger in Satchell’s vehicle caught the incident on camera, with the video evidence appearing to contradict much of Martel’s account of what happened that night. That video was turned over to investigators several weeks ago, who concluded that Martel’s arrest report contained several false statements. The officer had claimed that Satchell closed the window of her car on his hand and resisted arrest by kicking before punching him on the lip. 

Martel, who is Hispanic, was fired last week following an excessive force complaint in a March incident at a RaceTrac gas station. “I terminated the officers because the behavior was egregious and will not be tolerated at the department,” Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt said in a statement.

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