Lil Wayne Met with Trump To Discuss The President’s plan for Black Americans

Lil Wayne Met with Trump To Discuss The President’s plan for Black Americans

Rapper Lil Wayne met with President Trump in Florida on Thursday, becoming the latest hip-hop figure to publicly associate with or support the president ahead of the election. Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., took a photo with Mr. Trump after discussing the “Platinum Plan,” a Trump administration initiative launched in September meant to “uplift Black communities” across the U.S. through a $500 billion investment. 

Trump’s “platinum plan” is geared toward Black voters and includes a number of broad initiatives like building neighborhoods with the “highest policing standards,” expanding school choice and improving economic opportunity for Black Americans. When the President unveiled the plan in late September, though, he did not specify what those economic initiatives for Black Americans would entail.

Both Lil Wayne and the President have made widely criticized remarks regarding racial justice. Trump, earlier this year, called Black Lives Matter “a symbol of hate” and accused the movement of provoking killings of police officers. The rapper was criticized by some fans online for seemingly endorsing Mr. Trump.  50 Cent — who endorsed the president last week and then backtracked after his ex-girlfriend, the comedian and author Chelsea Handler,  pressed him on it — slammed Lil Wayne for taking the picture.

Ice Cube also worked with the Trump administration on the Platinum Plan, but he explained that it was not an endorsement. He said it was an opportunity to discuss his Contract With Black America, a series of policies to address racial inequality. Democrats asked to speak about his initiative after the election, Ice Cube said.

Here’s what Donald Trump had to say about the meeting…

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