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Joe Biden Meant What He Said About Black People , He Just Said It Out Loud.

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Look at Joe Biden’s body language and he tells Charlamaigne that he has to go looking at his clock almost in frustration.. Almost as if he’s asking whether or not you know your place and if you don’t then you are out of pocket.

The crazy thing about all of this is that Charlamaigne wasn’t saying that he was a Trump fan and if you look at his history on the Breakfast Club, it’s clear to see that he hates Trump just as much as the next man. The real issue here is what frustrated Joe Biden. Joe Biden was frustrated that he was asking questions. He was frustrated that he had demands for the Black community. Think about how crazy that it. Bringing up the Civil Rights Act and Civil Rights legislation when you haven’t been in congress for more than a decade means you don’t think you have do anything new for Black People?

Joe Biden you aint black

Is he saying that it’s because he was Barack Obama’s Vice President? Is he saying it’s because he’s a Democrat? Listen to the old Malcolm X tapes where he talks about how politicians think they don’t need to get your vote because they paid your “Leaders”

Joe Biden and any democrat running thinks that all they have to do is make a couple of comments about Black Lives Matters and they have our vote. All of that has to change. I have nothing against Joe Biden , but hist frustration at being questioned lets me know as a voter that he has no agenda for Black people other than saying he stuck with Barack.

This conversation can go even deeper. Remember when Joe Biden was giving a speech and he was afraid to mention “God” from the constitution because he thought the people in the crowd would be disgusted? However, most Black people i know are Christians and the small minority are Muslims so they believe in God. We have a lot to figure out, but Joe Biden truly felt that we have been mind controlled to vote for him.

NEVER FORGET , Black people are the ones that bailed out his campaign in South Carolina. He already owes us.

Joe Biden says a lot of things that are perceived as gaffs, but its safe to say that Joe Biden probably believes that if you aren’t voting for him over Trump, he and the “The Culture” have the power to denounce you as black.

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