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Gabrielle Union Shares That She And Dwyane Wade Split Everything 50/50

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Gabrielle Union recently sat down with Bloomberg’s “Idea Generation,” where she explored subjects surrounding her career as an actress, her evolution into a successful entrepreneur, as well as more sensitive topics such as how she and husband Dwyane Wade split bills and responsibilities in their home. During the interview, she opened up on a topic that is usually taboo, especially for celebrity couples. Although the actress is usually forthright regarding many aspects of her personal life, from her relationship with Wade to her journey as a mother and step-mother, this is seemingly the first time she explored the topic of money.

The interview was close to 38 minutes in length, and delved into Union’s entire journey, starting as a struggling actress. She talked about her progression as not only a star actress, but also a successful movie producer, best-selling author, and entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of brands, all while working to be as present as she can for her family. One particular clip from the interview is standing out amongst the rest. It is a 26-second video snippet, where Union discusses how she and Wade split their bills 50/50.

To see the entire Bloomberg interview on “Idea Generation,” please watch below.

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