First African American-Owned NFL Team in the Works

First African American-Owned NFL Team in the Works

A group of African American business leaders with plans of establishing a team in Oakland that would be wholly- or majority-owned by an African American has now received feedback from the NFL.

The push to bring back football comes as two other sports teams got their starts in The Town, a city that has long been at the forefront of activist movements. The prospective group is looking to capitalize on a passionate fan base left seeking a new franchise following the recent departures of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors (now based in San Francisco) and NFL’s Raiders (now based in Las Vegas).  

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“Our community is in a position where we are huge consumers, and it’s time for us to become owners,” says Ray Bobbitt, founder of AASEG, which is based in Oakland. “We see that nobody wants to just stop this thing at the protests and our voices. We want to see the process of economic participation and equity be realized.”, he adds.

There are reports that a plan has been submitted to the NFL in June and received a favorable response a month later, in which the league provided a framework for how the AASEG should proceed. They are considering a community-ownership model, similar to that of the Green Bay Packers. “It would be an opportunity for us to be at the table and inject and revisit and recycle the African American dollar back into our community,” says an Oakland native

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