Family of White Professor Lying About Being Black Is Shocked

Family of White Professor Lying About Being Black Is Shocked

A professor of African American history at George Washington University, who publicly identified as black, after her confession about being a white woman leaves her family shocked.

The university’s history department said it was ‘shocked and appalled’ to learn that 38-year old Jessica Krug was faking her race. An update from the university said they were continuing to investigate Krug’s revelation as calls mount for her to be fired. 

Krug’s own family came out this week and said they were utterly oblivious to the fact she’d been lying about her race. Granted, it sounds like she’s estranged. Her family is of the opinion that she cruelly snubbed her 65-year-old mom because she was worried about being ‘caught out’.  She reportedly skipped her mother’s funeral so relatives wouldn’t rumble her black alter ego.

Her family remained proud of her academic achievements but were saddened by her lack of contact. They had absolutely no idea that Krug was passing herself off as black until they were contacted this week by news media. A member of her family went on to confirm that she is certainly not Black, going on to call her “white as snow white” and establishing her Kansas City upbringing.

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