Designer Unveils Afro-Futurist Short Film and Women’s Underwear Line

Designer Unveils Afro-Futurist Short Film and Women’s Underwear Line

The first Black-owned and operated Contemporary Creative House announces ‘Thirty’ as its first art production that includes both a short film and a limited release of luxury women’s underwear.

‘Thirty’ is the newest American afro-futuristic short film and art project written, directed, and produced by American artist and designer Shrodrick Spikes and co-produced by Spelman College Alumna, Diamond Sands. It marks Spikes’ transition from art shows to immersive multimedia art experiences.

Shrodrick Spikes is an American artist, designer, and entrepreneur and a native of Atlanta, Georgia. “Shrodrick Spikes is not only the first Black-owned and operated contemporary creative house– it changes the way we experience art, design, fashion, and wellness while disrupting the contemporary space and showcasing blackness in nuances that are normally not seen in the mainstream.” Spikes said

The film stars model and fashion designer Deshanique Blanco. It focuses on the experiences of designer Day Blanco as she spends her thirtieth birthday home alone due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as things take a mysterious turn when she falls asleep. “Thirty is made for men and women who have a deep appreciation for things that make them feel seen and appreciate deep thought and authentic artistic experiences.”


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