City of Tempe appoints first African American Police Chief

City of Tempe appoints first African American Police Chief

The city of Tempe has appointed its first African American police chief. This was announced on Wednesday

Tempe City Manager, Andrew Ching appointed retired Tempe Police Commander Jeff Glover to serve for one year as Tempe’s interim Police Chief. He is set to assume office on October 12.

Glover retired in February after a 20-year career with the Tempe Police Department.

Glover has a Bachelor’s degree in education from Northern Arizona University and a Master’s degree in public administration from the University of Phoenix.

He began his career as a Mesa patrol officer in 1998. He joined the Tempe Police Department in 1999.

Glover spent four years as a commander over areas such as the Professional Standards Bureau, Organizational Services Division and Criminal/Special Investigations and SWAT. 

Since June 2018, Glover has served as a governor-appointed commissioner on the Arizona Commission for African American Affairs. He also has served as a national board member and Arizona chapter member for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. 

“This is an incredible moment and opportunity for me to contribute to the department and the city I love so much,” Glover said. 

“My professional life has been about serving others and I want to once again bring my passion for service to this community and to my Tempe Police sisters and brothers. We can and will rise to this occasion and will work together to hear and implement what our community expects from policing in this new day.”  

Sylvia Moir abruptly resigned from her role as Tempe’s police chief earlier this month. There was no reason given for her resignation at the time. Moir was appointed in 2016. She was the first female police chief to lead the department.  

Ching, who has the ultimate authority to hire city employees, said Glover brings expertise, enthusiasm and a desire to collaborate with the community.

“Jeff is a consummate professional who has impressive public safety credentials and experience, is well respected by residents and peers, and has a unique ability to collaborate and bring people together,” Ching said. “I look forward to working with him and seeing what he brings to the Tempe Police Department.”

Glover will serve as police chief until October 2021. Glover will be able to apply for the permanent position when it officially opens.

Ching will lead a public process to hire a permanent chief.

The Tempe City Council does not have authority in hiring or management decisions. Council members appoint the city manager, city attorney, city clerk and presiding judge.

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