Breast Cancer Survivor Tells Touching Story in A Book

Breast Cancer Survivor Tells Touching Story in A Book

Linda Washington,  a breast cancer survivor, has released a Kindle version book entitled Forbidden And Broken Finding Love Behind The Scars.  

The book available on Amazon covers her heart touching and motivating experience from her pre-treatment life of expectations and bliss to post-treatment life of dismissal and void thoughtful looks. Linda presently lives in Phoenix as a nurse, yet now through her book, she needs to spread expectations and tell the world how she returned more grounded and ever fruitful.

It took Linda 10 years to prove that she is substantially more than an illness. As opposed to her conviction, suffering agonies and remedies during treatment was a horrible experience. However, she needed to confront much more in her post-treatment years. Battling and crushing breast malignant growth is the deed of courage and worth, yet Linda Washington was confronting something else.

After treatment, her choice to date turned into a bad dream for her and the hardly-won fight against the cancer was perceived by her as a stamp of rejection, the most exceedingly terrible turn was the point at which she needed to deal with her dear friends too. Linda didn’t date for a long time since she had fought this dangerous illness.

Linda said, “I wrote my book and single to help other survivors not go through what I did. I believe that my story will help survivors to be loved for who they are and not stigmatized for what they went through. I want breast cancer survivors to know your worth that you are beautiful inside and out. Don’t let anyone take that from you.”

Linda’s true story in the form of the book is not just to stir emotions but to raise awareness among masses about the experiences and feelings of the 12% of U.S. women who develop invasive breast cancer throughout their lifetime.

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