Black Hair Expert Formulates Products to Restore Extreme Hair Loss

Black Hair Expert Formulates Products to Restore Extreme Hair Loss

Tapeka Tolbert is a Certified Hair Loss Practitioner as well as a Hair Restoration Expert in restoring the hair bonds from the inside out.

According to statistics, there are over 53 million people suffering from various versions of extreme hair loss in the US alone. With those numbers steadily rising the demand for effective hair care solutions continually grow. Tapeka Tolbert recognized this problem years ago, and she looked to her divinity and received the answer, Peka Haircare.

The early advancement of Peka started with Tolbert making creations for her customers where which her friends started to refer to her as”The Concoctionists”. As Tapeka further developed herself she picked up knowledge on the various degrees of going bald. Her training on hair has no constraints.

Tolbert took her product to new heights by doing the due diligence of studying what’s detrimental to hair growth and what actually works. Her understanding of how the diet and myths play a major role in healthy hair assisted in the formulation of her God sent product. One of her ingredients is none other than the powerful healing elixir apple cider vinegar.

Now she encourages every person to look their best. Peka Haircare boasts quality products paired with extensive knowledge, which has proven to be the formula to stand the test of time. Under her guidance, there is a guarantee that hair can be restored. She has set out to provide a lasting solution to problems related to alopecia, dry itchy scalp, brittle hair, dandruff, stress, and medication. 

Will Tapeka’s discovery be widely accepted and used by all people suffering from hair loss or damage? Let us know in the comments!

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