Black Gun Group Educates And Empowers Members

Black Gun Group Educates And Empowers Members

The Zulu Shooters Club is a Black gun group who educate and empower other St. Louisans. The club is the local chapter of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) which has 75 local clubs around the country. There are more than 150 members locally, according to club leadership.

Many members are first-time gun owners and or women. “I was carjacked on Jan. 3,” Lisa Jennings-Finger, of the north county said. “I was getting in the car to go to work. Guy came up from behind me. Pushed me down. Got in my car. As I turned to follow my car down the driveway another car pulled up and pulled a gun on me.” Shaken, she turned to the Zulu Shooters Club for knowledge and protection.  “It’s definitely a man’s world but they are accepting,” she said. “All women need to know how to use a gun and safely and properly use a gun.”

Athalia Crayton, a 43-year-old veteran and a single mother who just learnt the proper use of firearm.

NAAGA first formed five years ago. That’s around the time Jerard Davidson joined the local chapter. “A lot of times guns receive a negative connotation,” Davidson said. “But there’s a plenty of opportunity to show firearms in a positive light.”Crime in his neighborhood forced him to arm himself ten years ago. But he prefers sharpening his skills with the club.

“You find a lot of likeminded people enjoy the same things and shooting is one of the ways we can do that.” Both Lisa and Jerard agree the best thing the club has given them is peace of mind. It costs $65 a year to join, which includes local and national fees. There are certified training and a mix of experienced and new shooters.

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