African-American Mom Solves Fungal Skin Infection Called Tinea Versicolor

African-American Mom Solves Fungal Skin Infection Called Tinea Versicolor

Mizell Mais is an African American mother of three and an entrepreneur from Apopka, Florida has developed the cure for a fingal skin infection called Tinea Versicolor.  “Aside from being a mother, VanishClear Skin Cream has been my proudest creation” she stated.

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection that leads to a change (darker or lighter) in color in areas on the skin. One may notice round to oval spots, with fine dust-like scaling as well as mild itching. In severe tinea versicolor, the spots can coalesce to form patches. The fungus that causes tinea versicolor is normally present on human skin and usually poses no problems. Many factors, including warm and humid climates, can increase the risk of developing tinea versicolor.

Mizell Mais in her early thirties, she developed a spotty rash that covered a wholesome part of her body, including her face. Being dark-skinned, the rash was much lighter than her natural complexion, and the itchy spots were flaky and dry. 

She stated in her interview, “I was embarrassed to go anywhere, so I had to really pack on the makeup and powder before I left the house”.  She added that “Doctors gave me a variety of lotions, soaps, powders, and salves, but there was very little results. It wasn’t until I started reading everything and doing my own research, and through trial and error, I developed VanishClear Sulfur Cream in my kitchen. I saw a visible difference in four days, and the rash was completely gone in nine days. I didn’t have any discoloration or scarring or anything.”

While Tinea Versicolor isn’t hazardous, it tends to be truly uncomfortable  in light of the fact that it tingles as it spreads on the skin. Numerous that experience the ill effects of this contagious disease attempt to cover themselves so as not to stand out, as it can influence one’s public activity.

Mizell commented, “I have my confidence back, and kept it with my cream. I wear very little makeup, and I go wherever I please without worried about people staring at me. I’ve gotten so many testimonials and positive responses of thanks for helping people and their families. They took back a part of their lives that they thought they would have to live without.” 

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