16-Year-Old Opens Beauty Supply Shop In Brooklyn

16-Year-Old Opens Beauty Supply Shop In Brooklyn

This new business has opened its doors in Brooklyn and its owner may surprise you. Paris McKenzie, 16 is the sixteen year old African American entrepreneur opens her own beauty supply shop.

The shop opened about a month ago, and people have been coming through door steadily since word got out on social media. “I do have a lot of business experience. I’ve been helping my mom run her business since I was very, very young. So I know how to handle finances and how to market products in the store,” Paris said.

Paris Mckenzie’s Beauty Supplies Store

Apparently, this didn’t just happen over night “I had enough money saved to invest in this.” Paris said. The experience she has gathered from her entrepreneur mother has certainly helped her. Paris’s mom owns a boutique on the same street and a salon that’s two doors down. “I could leave her to do anything from when she was young,” said her mom, Senica Thompson.

Paris doesn’t have business plans only, coupled with running a business, Paris has plans for another career. “I’m hoping to major in pre-med, so I can become an orthopedic-pediatric surgeon,” she said in her interview. Her mom has high hopes “she’s a straight A student, so I know she’s gonna do it,” she said. Paris is an honors student about to enter her junior year of high school. In fact, she’s already taking college courses.

Paris hopes her success inspires other girls.

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